why you should switch to a natural Pilates & Yoga mat:


Production of plastic has increased 20 fold since 1964 and it is expected to double again in the next 20 years, and quadruple by 2050.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most common plastic and is the main ingredients in most yoga mats that you can buy today. The process to create a PVC yoga mat creates many harmful by-products, many of which are harmful to the environment.
During the production of PVC, lead, cadmium and organotin are used to make it stable and phthalates are used to make it softer. Phthalates are one of the world’s most common environmental pollutants, 95% of Phthalates are made for use in the production of flexible PVC. YUCK RIGHT?

Our Pilates & Yoga mats are all made from 100% natural materials and are fully biodegradable.

Inner Balance is passionate about making your Pilates & Yoga practice exciting, stylish, comfortable and better for the planet, an all-in-one mat. #MIND-BODY-PLANET.



As a wholesaler and retailer Inner Balance co. prides on providing stock to you in the quickest turnaround possible. Inner Balance co. values and thrives on customer feedback and recommendations so that we can continue to be loved by our clients and retailers across the world. Inner Balance co. believes in keeping our product range at the highest quality. Our motivation of ‘Where Comfort meets Style’ means we are constantly evolving and perfecting our design to ensure we stay true to our promise, keep up with trends and save the planet one mat at a time.





I created Inner Balance co. in 2020.
Based in Darwin, Australia, I have launched my Physiotherapy & Pilates Clinic – Inner Balance Physio & Pilates.
I grew up by the beach on the Sunshine Coast, soaking up the sun, and living in the sand and surf. I am a Pilates instructor, Physiotherapist, Yoga enthusiast and Eco-conscious.
These mat designs were inspired by my wanderlust lifestyle, love of nature and desire to exercise in comfort.
My dream for Inner Balance co. is simple, I just want my products to make people happy.
Calm mind, healthy body and happy planet. Inner Balance co. offers just that with mindful Yoga practice, core strengthening Pilates on your very own ecofriendly, stylish, comfortable mat!

MIND: Many studies have shown that looking at beautiful natural environments can boost feelings of connectedness with nature and grounding to the earth, which in turn calms the mind, and places you in a happier mood. I designed these mats, so you can experience just that!

BODY: Exercise has always been a huge part of my life. I am excited to share my motivation, passion and knowledge with you! To help you feel happy, healthy and strong!
I endeavour to keep my workout regimes upbeat, exciting, easy to follow and

PLANET: The health of our planet is important to me. If everybody takes their eco step in supporting this beautiful earth god has blessed us with, we can together make a massive, beautiful difference.
My biggest dream in life is a life full of happiness for every being on this planet.

IBco. contribution towards sustainability:


• IBco. are partnered with and donate to Carbon Neutral Australia, a non for profit organisation that plants Australian native trees.
• All IBco. mats are PVC plastic free.
• Our printed mats are made from recycled plastic bottles and natural rubber.
• We ship all of our products in compostable packaging.
• Our bamboo and cotton are organically sourced and certified.
• IBco. design and produce products that are not throw away – they are made to last.
• We work with ethically compliant manufacturing companies and are committed to the communities in which they live and operate in.
• We believe in looking beyond financial results to include social, environmental and ethical indicators in our performance measurements.

I give thanks, love and gratitude for your beautiful support. I welcome you to Inner Balance Collective and hope you can find as much enjoyment out of our products as we did creating them.


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